How to Use Ozonated Oils for skin diseases, burns and cuts :

Cold press Organic Ozonated Oil is a first aid remedy for all types of skin abrasions or wounds due to its excellent antiseptic and wound healing properties. It is so gentle that it does not sting. Ozonated Liquid Oils acts as a mild anaesthetic and encourages rich flow of blood to the damaged area. Apply twice daily.


Ozonated Oils is perfet for:

For all the bacterial infectious skin diseases mentioned above :

1)Clean the wound with clean water ( preferabaly distilled water ) with clean cloth,towel or cotton and pad dry.

2)Carefully apply ozonated hemp oil to the wound area and leave it the way it is because it would dry up very quickly and form a layer of scab which prevent the raw wound expose directly to the dirt and bacteria in the air.

3) However, if you suffer from severe deep open wound , it’s highly recommended to cover with bandage or gauze.

Hemorrhoids and fissures

Apply Ozonated oill to the anal area to help relieve itching, pain and irritation. Apply 2 to 3 times a day until healed.


Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) in men and women

Wash and clean or sterilise the viginal with distill water or salt water. Soak the entire Tampon (period use) into ozonated hemp oil for 5 mins then insert carefully into your virginal .Changes the ozonated oil coated tampon 2 to 3 times a day or whenever is necessary. You won’t belive untill you see your selft when it’s recovered.

For men, aplly the ozonated oil on the infected area 3 to four times a day.


Using ozonated oil to Prevent virginity diseases or other sexually transmitted diseases

Prevention is always better then cure ! Apply or spray the ozonated oil into your genital area for both men and women before having intercourse is the safer and reduce the chance of having sexualy transmitted diseases. In additions it also act as lubricant during the intercourse .



Simply spray Ozonated Oil on the effected skin area morning, noon and night or you can use it every 15 to 20 minutes .


Acne & Pimples

Wash and dry your face with clean towel then apply Ozonated oil twice daily ( for pimples /acne skin do not massage your skin, gently rub all over your face ). Ozonated Gel helps improve circulation to the skin and helps detoxify the skin as well as prevent blemishes. Wash face with Ozonated water if possible to assist even more.


Athlete’s Foot

Apply Ozonated oil to clean, dry feet 2 to 3 times daily. Ozonated Gel has strong anti-fungal properties.


Apply Ozonated oil to bruised area. It helps reduce inflammation, heal cellular tissue and speed the healing process.


Chapped Lips

Apply Ozonated oil directly to lips to encourage rapid healing. Use instead of lip gloss for a natural chemical free shine.


Cradle Cap

Use a tablespoon of Ozonated oil rub onto the cradle cap infectious area and leave on scalp for 30minutes to an hour then washoff with non-toxic shampoo. Repeat several times a week until it’s completely gone.


Abscesses – Boil

– Wash and clean the infected area.

– Spray or drop the Cold Press Organic Ozonate Hemp Oil on the abscesses . Do not wrap with gauze or bandage to avoid the oil from absorbed into it instead of skin.

– Aplly 2 to 3 times a day or whenever it’s necessary, you can see the changes with a day and the total recovery from 2 to 3 day the quicker. However , it’s all depends on how severe your infections.



-Traumatic wound

-Surgical wound

-Chronic wound

-Skin Cancer Lesion

-Pressure sores /Bedsore


1)Clean up the bacterial infected area with clean water and soap once a day.

2)Pat dry with clean towel and then spray or drop the hemp oil and gently rub and spread all over the infected skin area.

3) Apply 2 to 3 times a day.

4)Cover up with gauze to avoid the exposure of the open sore.


Dandruff and other scalp conditions

Wash hair, then apply Ozonated oil directly to scalp. Massage thoroughly into scalp. Wrap hair in warm towel and leave on for one hour if possible.This will not only help to cure your dandruff it will also help to resolve headache / migrane problem as well.


Diaper Rash:

Apply directly to affected rash areas. It helps to relieve pain and inflammation and promotes healing. Apply 2 to 3 times a day until healed. Add a few drops to baby’s bath as a natural moisturizer instead of using petroleum products.


Muscle soreness:

Apply ozonated oil all over your body or sore area only and perform regular massage stroke from up to down as shown on picture below. Becareful, if you have severe pain , please begins with gentle rub instead of pressure massage. Repeat two to three times a day or as many times as you want for quicker and better result.


Ear ache with abscesses:

Massage Ozonated oil around the painful area to help relieve pain. Tilt your head to a side , spay or drop some ozonated hemp oil into the ear and stay at the same position for five to ten minutes in order to allow the ozonated oil go through the inner part of your ear.



Massage using ozonated hemp oil on both temples, forehead or base of skull) to encourage free blood flow and less congestion.


Hemorrhoids and fissures:

Apply Ozonated oil to the anal area to help relieve itching, pain and irritation. Apply 2 to 3 times a day until healed.


Liver Detoxification:

Ozonated Oil may be massaged over the liver area on the right side underneath the rib cage to promote and assist detoxification.


Mosquito bites & bee stings:

Apply Ozonated Gel to affected area and rub in gently. It helps to take the itch out of the bites quickly, acts as an antiseptic, helps relieve pain and promotes healing.


Muscular Aches & Pains:

Gently massage Ozonated oil into affected areas to relieve muscular spasms, cramps and pain. Ozonated Liquid Oil is especially helpful for lower back pain, neck pain and arthritic pain.


Nail Fungus:

Cut the nails back as far as possible and apply Ozonated Coconut Oil. Fungus cannot live in the presence of activated oxygen. Apply twice daily.



Ozonated oil can be used as a gentle, natural, effective deodorant and will not irritate delicate underarm tissues.

In addition it helps to activate the lymphatic nodes which known as the axillary nodes are lymph nodes located in the armpits.

In the underarm region they receive lymph from vessels that drain the arm, the walls of the thorax, the breast, and the upper walls of the abdomen.


Shingles (Herpes Zoster):

Ozonated Gel helps heal skin lesions quickly, stop pain and gently soothe the skin. Apply 2 to 3 times a day until healing is completed.


Sunburn and other skin burns:

Ozonated Coconut Oil can help provide instant relief from heat rash, skin burn and sore skin due to its excellent healing properties. It can also help prevent blistering if applied immediately. Also assists in reducing pain.

Severe skin burn (caused by fire,hot oil,hot water ,hot steam and hot object):

If your skin is badly burn and it’s difficult to clean or wash, then simply apply the ozonated coconut oil onto the burn area as many time as you can daily to speed up the healing process. You will be amazed with the result in a very short period.


Special tips:

When you first burn your skin regardless it caused from any mean , please DO NOT wash or cool down the burn area with water !If you have Ozonated oil on hand is the best, if you don’t simply apply regular olive oil ( I mean extra virgin olive oil)or tooth paste(any brand ) onto the skin to quickly stop the further damages to your skin tissues.


Toothache / tooth abscess:

Rub a small amount of Ozonated oil into the gum around the painful tooth 2 to 3 times daily. This helps clear pain and promotes healing.

Undesirable skin lesions:

Mix a few drops of Ozonated oil with liquid cod liver oil in the palm of your hand and apply to lesions 2 to 3 times daily.


White spots (Caused by a fungus):

The fungicidal properties of ozone help provide rapid solution of white spots on the skin. Apply Ozonated oil directly to infected areas twice daily.



Apply directly to cellulite areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also enquire about steam sauna ozone therapy to assist with the reduction of cellulite.


Prevent stretch marks on Pregnant women:

Cold press organic ozonated hemp oil or olive oil are strongly recommended for pregnant women before or after the stretch mark appear due to thier pregnancy. Apply the ozonated oil morning and night twice a day before and after the baby is born. It prevents or reduce the stretch mark before the labor and enhance the elasticity of tissues after the baby is born.

Using ozonated oil massage your belly after birth is very helpful to keep your loose belly in shape faster at the mine time helps to release the unwanted gas from your stomach and increase blood circulation as well.

Use as skin moisturizer and night cream

Use ozonated hemp oil on body and face for an excellent natural moisturizer. Use as a night moisturizer to promote oxygen flow to the skin, reduce wrinkles and add a healthy glow to your skin within weeks.


Ozonated Olive Oil treatment for animals or pets & treating birds wounds:

Flea bites (For animals or pets such as Cats and Dogs)

To assist with the healing of skin conditions, wash with Ozonated water or distilled water if possible. Wipe the animal’s coat with a moist sponge sprinkled and spray the ozonated hemp oil directly to the wound or infection area . For ingestion ,you can also mix a small amount in food or spray / drop directly into pets mouth .

Ps: I have been giving my cat the ozonated hemp oil many times by spraying into her mouth when she was sick or vomiting. It heals very quickly , mostly takes 4 to 5 hours or within a day to heal , it’s amazing !! I gave her 2 to 3 times a day until she is healed. The most wonderful things is that It helps me save money on vet bills and yet no side effect because it’s all 100% natural.



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  • I’m using the ozonated olive oil on my bunny’s sore hocks. He was in so much pain until we made him little faux Sherpa fur lined boots and added his sister’s sheddings in the insole for real fur comfort. His feet don’t have much fuzz and he’s free roaming (we are anti-cage since they are not meat rabbits lol and they’ve got legs just like cats/dogs who don’t live in sad wire hutches).

    I was wondering how many times per day to apply it to his wounds? Would ozone limb bagging help? Any other modalities while we wait to see the ozone vet? I’m starting once a day now with the oil because he hates being picked up so intuitively stomps his feet to let me know how much is pisses him off – I feel cringey about it cause don’t want to cause more issues/ add more stress. One heel doesn’t have any broken skin but the other has a light white spot in the pink (conventional vet said it’s not broken skin but close; she doesn’t know about ozone therapy).

    The ozone oil didn’t seem to do anything before when his feet were uncovered (last year when they were just calluses). I notice when I get cuts etc and use the oil, it works better when covered. Since yesterday, I apply the oil, then position the rabbit fluff in his boot then put them on him. He also got a tiny bit of oil on a piece of dehydrated banana. He is a lot more active today and even ran into the kitchen to his usual spot to demand greens.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Many thanks for all the ozone things/methods! 🐇🐰❤️

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