About Us


I’m Eva – the co-founder of Ozone Factory.  Since June 2017 I decided to dedicate my life and career to promoting the 100% natural organic ozonated products, which I fully trust to in my daily skin-routine, as well as for skin therapy.

As a mother of two kids I’m deeply aware of how dangerously the chemical drugs can affect the child’s health, especially the immune system of a young organism. So, I’ve been always choosing to treat my children only with natural products avoiding any kind of antibiotics and chemical medicines.  This choice has become a kind of rule in my everyday-life, especially when I have to fight both internal infections and various skin problems.

The years of the observations and self-experiments helped me to conclude that the ozonated oils that have come into my life since youth time proved to be the most helpful among different daily skin-care and skin-therapy products I used to try. They were No1 for healing burns and wounds, skin inflammations of different origin, especially eczema and teenage-acne. Little by little I stopped wasting my money for widely advertised and expensive cosmetics, because the ozonated oils fully replaced in my life the entire arsenal of common cosmetic tools: the moisturizing and skin nourishing day and night creams, hair conditioner, anti-cellulite creams and oils and even make-up remover.

The ozonated products are the only products I fully rely on for maintaining the beauty, youth, freshness and health of the skin.

So, I’m here to share with you the ozonated products that are manufactured with true Love and Care.