Fungus Treatment

Ozonated Oils Best Natural Solution for Skin Fungal and Nail Fungus!



Ozonated Coconut Oil is perfect for skin as anti-fungi treatment, ozone oil absorbs into skin and fungus can not survive in activated oxygen presence. Ozonated oil therapy is used as form of local treatment on fungals areas.

The effect is significant after already 2 procedures. After 4-5 procedures it comes to restoration of skin sensitivity, skin cleansing, skin regeneration.

Great importance is the fact that the result of similar treatments is not only solution of esthetic problems, but also enhance in general feeling of patients by multiple ozone effects on tissues and the organism in general.



NO PRESERVATIVES                        



Clean the wound with clean water ( preferably distilled water ) with clean cloth, towel or cotton and pad dry. Carefully apply ozonated oil to the wound area and leave it  because it dries up very quickly and form a layer of scab which prevent the raw exposes directly to the dirt and bacteria in the air. Repeat for 3-4 time per day.

For a better effect use a 1-2 teaspoon of ozonated oil orally once per day.

At least 10 days of therapy is recommended.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, activated Oxygen (Ozone - O3)


Minim treatment course 10 days 

Now you can use at home! Watch video:

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