Can You Use Coconut Ozonated Oil As A Lube? Is It Vagina Safe?

Coconut ozonated oil is a popular natural option for relieving vaginal dryness. Some studies suggest that coconut ozonated oil is safe to use on the skin, and it is an effective moisturizer.

Many people use vaginal moisturizers or lubricants to help ease vaginal discomfort and to make intercourse more comfortable. A 2014 study involving 1,021 women found that 66 percent of participants reported having used a personal lubricant.

Although there are several vaginal lubricants available in the personal health aisle, some people prefer a more natural approach.

People using latex-based contraceptive devices should avoid coconut ozonated oil as a lubricant, however. This is because the oil can break down the latex in these devices, making them less effective.

In this article, we explore whether coconut ozonated oil works as a vaginal lubricant, how to use it safely, and risks and considerations.

Sex Science: Is Coconut Ozonated Oil Good in Bed?

One of the simplest ways to enhance your sex life is to find — and always keep handy — a lubricant you love. However, not all personal lubricants were created equally, and each one comes with benefits and downsides.

Coconut ozonated oil has bedside status for countless women and is a staple ingredient in many natural lubricants. But if you’ve been trying to figure out if it’s right for you by reading articles and reviews, you’re likely confused.

Everyone can agree that coconut ozonated oil lube feels blissful, but some people describe it as a perfectly pH-balanced cure-all for your vagina, while others claim it’s a recipe for disaster. And nobody can reference actual data to back their claims.

Whom should you trust? To be honest, neither camp has it quite right.

In this article, you’ll find out what we actually know about using coconut ozonated oil in the bedroom.

Read on to learn the facts to help you decide if coconut ozonated oil should be your new favorite lubricant. 

Your Vagina: A Delicate Balance of Bacteria

If you already know how natural bacteria keep vaginas acidic and healthy, feel free to skip this section.

Behind every healthy vagina is a healthy community of hard-working bacteria: vaginal flora. Understanding this simplifies how we decide what should — and should not — be put in our bodies.

Similar to gut bacteria, the microbes in our vaginas can keep us healthy or make us sick. That’s why people take probiotics — in the hopes of populating their digestive tracts with the “good guys.” And for most of us, our vaginas’ V.I.P. bacteria are Lactobacilli — which you’re probably familiar with if you eat yogurt or take probiotics.

These little workers convert natural starches (glycogen) in our vaginas into lactic acid, which keeps the pH low (acidic) and prevents malicious microbes from gaining a foothold in the community. Women without strong populations of Lactobacillus suffer more frequently from bacterial vaginosis (sometimes known as “BV”).

Anything that affects your flora could disrupt your vagina’s natural balance: antibiotics, chemical preservatives, your own shifting hormones, unfamiliar bacteria on shared adult toys or on a new partner’s skin.

That’s why some women get vaginal infections after taking antibiotics, getting intimate with a new partner, or re-enacting the ice cream scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. (By the way...Don’t put sugar in your vagina!)

Potential benefits of coconut oil for sex

According to a 2014 study, coconut ozonated oil is clinically proven for safe and effective use as a moisturizer. Its moisturizing properties may make the product an effective lube and allow for longer-lasting intercourse.

For women going through menopause, coconut ozonated oil may be especially helpful. It’s common to experience the following symptoms during menopause that may increase the need for lube:

  • vaginal dryness
  • pain during sex
  • loss of fatty tissue, which creates thinner tissue around vaginal skin

In particular, vaginal atrophy may be combatted with more frequent sex, so it’s important to deal with any pain associated with sex.

For those with allergies or sensitive skin, choosing a more natural option like coconut oil, with no added chemicals or toxins, can also make for an appealing lubricant.

The efficacy of ozone against different forms of Candida albicans

Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive molecule composed of three oxygen atoms that acts as both an oxidant and oxidizer. The reliable microbiologic and metabolic properties of ozone make it a useful disinfectant with a wide range of activities. Ozone demonstrated its antimicrobial effect on bacteria, virus, protozoa and fungi, besides its immunomodulatory, anti-hypoxic, biosynthetic, and anti-inflammatory properties. When bacteria are exposed to ozone in vitro, the phospholipids and lipoproteins of the bacterial cell envelope are oxidized. That mechanism disrupts the cytosolic membrane integrity, leading ozone to infiltrate the microorganisms and oxidize glycoproteins and glycolipids, blocking enzymatic function.

Moreover, evidence has demonstrated that ozone interacts with fungal cell walls like bacteria. In addition, in cell culture assays, it did not show a cytotoxic effect on fibroblasts or keratinocytes and it induced fibroblast migration, which could aid the wound-healing process


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