Ozonated Oils for Cracked Heels

Cracked heels, though harmless, can be a painful and irritating condition that needs relief super fast. It’s very hard to help cracked heels especially those that flake and bleed. However, using ozonated oils for cracked heels, you might have a great chance at getting those cracks under control forever!

What Causes Cracked Heels?

Cracked heels is a very common skin condition that affects the heels of the foot. Cracks develop on the soft heels, making them become dry and flaky. Cracked heels can be from mild to severe. Mild cracked heels usually just have cracks and extra flakiness on the heels while severe cracked heels can have bleeding cracks that are very painful.

The causes of cracked heels include dehydration, dryness of the foot skin, accumulation of dead cells and fungal infections, among others.

How do Ozonated Oils Help Cracked Heels?

What makes ozonated oils helpful for cracked heels is there anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, moisturizing, anti-septic, cicatrisant and analgesic properties which all help to:

  • Moisturize cracked heels
  • Heal bleeding cracks
  • Exfoliate excess dead cells
  • Relieve burning or tingling pain in cracked heels
  • Fight off fungi that’s a major cause of cracked heels
  • Help in cell regeneration
  • And more

Ozonated Olive Oil:  is one of the best ozonated oils which has numerous skin benefits. Massage your feet with  ozonated olive oil after taking bath and before going to bed. It moisturises the feet and also softens it. This prevents the skin from becoming dry and rough.

Ozonated Sweet Almond Oil: You can mix ozonated sweet almond oil with other essential oils like lavender oil and massage on the dry feet. If you want to scrub your feet, use soaked and grounded almonds with the oil and add milk. This scrub will exfoliate the skin and also remove dead skin cells from the feet. 

Although many of us forget to consider feet as an important part of body that requires care. When your feet’s are dried, cracked and the skin stars peeling out you need to take atmost care of them. Besides other such remedies, you can treat the cracked heels with essential oil to ensure a smooth and silky feet’s.



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