Ozonated Oils for Curly Hair: Which is The Best?

Ozonated Oils for Curly Hair: Which is The Best?

Extracted from nourishing natural sources, ozonated oils hold the potential to work wonders on dry curls, serving as a magical solution. While curls are undoubtedly a gift, they tend to become drier compared to other hair types, necessitating proper care and abundant moisture to maintain their vitality and bounce.

Let's explore why this phenomenon occurs in curly hair

In simple terms, curly hair struggles to retain moisture as efficiently as straight hair. This lack of moisture retention often leads to lackluster, dry, and brittle hair. Another influential factor is the curl pattern itself. Allow me to explain: The scalp produces a natural oil called sebum, responsible for moisturizing the scalp and imparting shine to the hair.
Imagine pouring oil down a straight, smooth funnel versus a meandering, curved one. It's evident that the oil flows more efficiently through the straight funnel, reaching the bottom effortlessly. The same principle applies to hair strands, where oil glides smoothly down straight hair but faces impediments and pauses with curly hair. Brushing also influences the distribution of natural sebum along the hair's length, which is challenging with curly hair, as curl care discourages dry brushing.
But fret not, there's a solution to every concern, and for curly hair, oils can be your savior!

Curly Hair and Ozonated Oils

Curly hair brings its own set of concerns, but fear not, as the right oils can be a remedy for a host of issues, including frizz, lackluster appearance, brittleness, and the potential reduction of split ends.
Before we delve into the magical benefits of oiling hair, it's essential to identify which type of oil best suits your unique curls. Hair oils can be broadly classified into two categories: Moisturizing Oils and Sealing Oils.
Moisturizing Oils possess smaller particles that can easily penetrate the hair shaft, infusing your curls with much-needed moisture. Ozonated coconut oil, ozonated almond oil, and ozonated olive oil are among the top contenders in the realm of moisturizing oils.
On the other hand, Sealing Oils excel at locking in moisture from water or other moisturizers, ensuring your strands remain plump and buoyant. Ozonated castor oil emerge as excellent choices for sealing oils.
Now, you might wonder how to determine the perfect oil for your specific hair needs. Factors like hair porosity and density play a crucial role in this aspect. Let's embark on a journey to explore these factors a bit further, leading us to the ideal oil-match for your cherished curls.

What is Hair Porosity?

Hair porosity refers to the hair's capacity to absorb and retain moisture, influencing how easily both moisture and oils can move in and out of the strands.

Let's simplify it by focusing on a single strand of hair. Each strand has a protective layer called the cuticle. The number of open cuticles determines the hair's porosity level, where high porosity hair possesses more open cuticles, while low porosity hair has fewer. Consequently, high porosity hair absorbs moisture and hair products effectively but is also more vulnerable to damage from external elements like heat and pollution. Conversely, hair with low porosity repels moisture and stays resilient against damage.

What about Hair Density?

Hair density, in straightforward words, refers to the number of hair strands present per square inch of your scalp. A rapid and effective way to gauge this is by observing if your scalp is visible through your hair. If your scalp is easily noticeable, it indicates lower hair density, whereas if your hair appears thick and fully covers your scalp, your density is considered high.

How to Use Ozonated Oil on Curly Hair?

  1. As a Nourishing Pre-Poo: Experienced Curlies understand the significance of a good pre-poo, which involves applying oil to the scalp and the length of the curls before shampooing. Opt for a moisturizing oil like coconut or olive, as their small molecules can easily penetrate the hair shaft. For a more therapeutic experience, warm up the oil and massage it into the scalp. Leave it on for an hour or overnight before washing it with a gentle cleanser. Remember not to overdo the shampooing, as it may strip away the benefits of the pre-poo oil.
  2. As a Defeater of Tangles: Dry detangling is not recommended, and oils serve as the perfect lubricant, providing excellent slip for detangling. Oiling and detangling before washing your hair can significantly reduce hair fall during the wash.
  3. Transform Your Conditioner: Easily elevate your regular conditioner into a deep conditioning treatment by adding a few drops of oil to it. Olive oil works well for this purpose, enhancing the effectiveness of your deep conditioning experience. Additionally, adding a few drops of oil to your regular conditioner provides extra moisture.
  4. Leave it In: Using a light oil as a leave-in can soften your curls, reduce the crunch from gel stylers, and add instant shine and life to your hair. Opt for lightweight oils like jojoba and almond for a pleasant feel throughout the day. These oils complement the LOC (Leave-in + Oil + Cream) and LOG (Leave-in + Oil + Gel) methods on the Curly Girl Method, ensuring defined and long-lasting curls.
  5. Scrunch Out The Crunch (SOTC): For those familiar with the term, SOTC (Scrunch Out The Crunch) is essential for releasing curls from a tight gel hold. The right hair oil can help in this process and add an immediate shine to your styled hair.

In conclusion, we hope you find our comprehensive guide on using ozonated oils for curly hair both helpful and enlightening. 

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