Ozonated Oils For Nails: Pamper Your Nails

Did you know that nails grow about 2-3mm every month? Another interesting fact is that women’s nails grow faster than mens’ except for the nail on the left ring finger. Weird, I know!
Growing long fingernails can be tough especially when your nails are prone to brittleness and breakage – but when using ozonated oils, you can not only get longer nails but also protect them from breakage, thinning, splits, beau lines and brittleness, a.k.a, get the healthiest nails ever!
Honestly, no one really wants to admit they have a problem with toenail fungus. It’s just so embarrassing, and you feel like it means you’re unclean. But the fact is that fungal toenail infections can happen to anyone at any time simply by walking around barefooted. Whether it’s walking in the mud in the creek or playing in the pool at the Y, your skin and nails are exposed to infectious fungi without you even realizing it.
Toenail fungus is an unsightly condition, and it’s quite the bummer during the summer months if your nails discolored and irregular. Medical treatments and home remedies for toenail fungus can take several months to completely rid your nail of infection. So it’s vitally important to recognize the symptoms of infection and begin treatment early on before it gets out of control.
Toenail fungus is not a fun situation to experience, but it does occur more often than you realize. In some areas of the world, as much as 24% of the population is affected by onychomycosis – the scientific name for fungal nail infection. 
Fungal infections of the nail are caused by many fungal species that exist in our environment. The most common toenail fungus is a dermatophyte species, but yeast and mold can also infect your nails.
Fungus thrives in hot, moist environments. Many people are exposed to the causative agent of toenail fungus by walking barefoot in public areas such as nail salons, gym showers, and swimming pools.  The fungus that causes athlete’s foot can also spread to your toenails if left untreated.
Toenails that are damaged are more likely to become infected, and wearing shoes that constrict your feet and hold in heat and moisture make infection more likely. Certain autoimmune diseases, immune-suppressing medications, and health conditions like diabetes can also make your toenails more susceptible to fungal infection.
Toenail fungus is easy to notice on unpainted nails. Early on in the course of infection, you first notice some discoloration of your toenail. The discoloration may start out white but eventually begins to turn a yellow/brown color or even black as the fungus goes untreated. Brittle, cracking, or thickened toenails are also a common symptom of toenail fungus.  
Left untreated, it can feel as if you have an ingrown toenail or some form of growth underneath that toenail. In more extreme situations where toenail fungus has gone untreated, you may notice that the toenail is pulling away from the nail bed. It’s important to start treating toenail fungus as soon as you notice the first symptom as it can be very difficult to rid yourself completely of this infection.


Ozonated Coconut Oil is perfect for skin as anti-fungi treatment, ozone oil absorbs into skin and fungus can not survive in activated oxygen presence. Ozonated oil therapy is used as form of local treatment on fungals areas.
Coconut ozonated oil – contains lots of amazing fatty acids that provide intensive hydration and natural moisture to dry and brittle nail beds and cuticles.  Coconut ozonated oil also helps repair damaged collagen inside nail beds, improving strength and promoting healthy nail growth.  And because coconut ozonated oil is made of very small-sized molecules, it penetrates between the nail layers and is able to go deeper into the nail to condition and soften it.


 Clean the wound with clean water ( preferably distilled water ) with clean cloth, towel or cotton and pad dry. Carefully apply ozonated oil to the wound area and leave it  because it dries up very quickly and form a layer of scab which prevent the raw exposes directly to the dirt and bacteria in the air. Repeat for 3-4 time per day.

For a better effect use a 1-2 teaspoon of ozonated oil orally once per day.

At least 10 days of therapy is recommended.

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