Ozonated oils that can prevent hair loss

Any woman whose hair starts to fall is a depressed being. Unfortunately, many women will only address this problem when it becomes severe. Genes, lifestyle, illness and our hair care routine can lead to hair loss. As much some causes cannot be controlled, you can make some modifications to prevent the problem.
The quality of one’s hair is a direct outcome of how one nourishes it. Growing back lost hair is not very easy but certain ozonated oils help in stemming further loss and give your hair volume and a healthy sheen. 

Benefits of Ozone Hair Treatment:

  • On coming in contact with the roots of the hair strands, ozone rejuvenates and fortifies the hair follicles to strengthen and nourish the hair and scalp. This therapy improves blood circulation and eliminates any microbial infection present in the scalp and hair.
  • O3 therapy not only treats problems or hair breakage, thinning and loss but it also helps to treat other graver issues like psoriasis, seborrhoic dermatitis, balding and alopecia.
  • It adds volume and density to the hair, repairs and reconstructs the strands like treating and eliminating the problem of split ends, controls frizz to make hair manageable.
  • It stabilizes the scalp and treats dandruff issues, aids in regeneration of new hair, promotes hair growth and thus helps to create smooth, soft, radiant and beautiful tresses.
  • Ozone is good for colour treated hair as the peptones strengthen the bonds between the hair strands and colour dye to protect the hair colour, make it last longer while adding luster to the locks.


People with hair care routines that involve coconut ozonated oil have healthy, thick hair. Coconut ozonated oil penetrates the hair shaft, sealing it and preventing it from losing moisture. This ensures the hair stays dense and strong. The ozonated oil contains ozonides, which acts against infections of the scalp by fighting bacteria, fungi and viruses.

To prevent dandruff and scalp infection, massage a little warm coconut ozonated oil on your scalp every day to moisturise it. At the same time, massage a larger quantity of the same on your hair once a week. Once you apply it, leave it on for an hour then shampoo it while ensuring you do not wash out the oil so that it is retained to moisturise the hair.


Many women love almond oil for its health benefits. It is rich in Vitamin E, D, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc among other minerals, which explains why it is good for the heart, skin and hair. Sweet almond ozonated oil is best known for its softening action on hair. The calcium and magnesium in the oil moisturises the hair, preventing it from drying and reducing hair loss.

With this nutrition, your hair will surely stay thick, strong and healthy. Simply warm a little of the ozonated oil then rub it gently on your scalp, allowing it to penetrate. Let it stay on for a while, overnight if possible, then shampoo it mildly.



Olive oil is good for cooking and for skin and hair care. It contains several properties that are very beneficial for the hair. When applied on the hair, it penetrates the hair shaft even better than other oils do. Apart from moisturising the hair, it is also a great hair conditioner.

The ozonated olive oil has vitamin E and mono unsaturated fatty acids that promote hair growth. Massage some warm ozonated olive oil into your scalp and hair and leave it on for about an hour. Wash it with a mild shampoo to ensure you don’t strip it of the oil.


The safflower ozonated oil can to stop hair from falling. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that protect hair against dandruff and scalp infections. It also contains ricinoleic acid which enhances the circulation of blood to the scalp thus improving improve hair growth.

When applied on the hair, its hair-growth-promoting properties ensure the hair does not thin. Simply massage the ozonated oil on your scalp ensuring it spreads evenly on the hair strands. Allow it to stay on the hair for an hour then shampoo. Safflower ozonated oil can be mix with a little coconut or olive ozonated oil.



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