The Benefits of Ozonated Oil

Ozone Factory cosmetic products line is based on ozonated certified organic oil, which has very useful biological benefits for your entire family's skincare regime as well as for naturally treating some of the most common conditions, such as redness, skin irritation, dermatitis, bedsores, herpes, poor circulation, scars, breakouts, rashes, ulcers, rubbing dryness…
  • It protects the skin against external aggressors.
  • It is deeply moisturizing and nourishing.
  • It purifies, regenerates and repairs the skin. It helps the healing process.
  • It improves blood circulation and associated problems (ulcers, severe dry skin…).
  • It controls and prevents the proliferation of germs present in some skin conditions (acne, seborrhea, skin lesions…).
  • It improves cellular metabolism and strengthens the natural anti-inflammatory system.
  • It treats problematic or damaged skin (redness, bedsores, scars...).
  • It helps to avoid the use of medical treatments such as corticosteroid creams.

Ozonated oil is appropriate for treating damaged skin:

  • Diaper rash, the irritation and redness caused by diapers in babies or the elderly.
  • Skin types that suffer from acne or seborrhea (pimples, blackheads, dandruff, dryness, eczema).
  • Ulcers, herpes and bedsores, especially among the elderly and people with reduced mobility.
  • Anal itching, inflammation and irritation, hemorrhoids, intimate feminine care…
  • Skin repair for dermatitis, inflammation, reddening, dryness, itching, scratches, rubbing, scars
  • Foot treatment and moisturizing. Prevention of foot disorders. Effective in treating the skin of diabetic foot and feet exposed to external aggressors (pools, spending a long time standing, uncomfortable shoes, etc.).
  • Problems with blood circulation and dryness in the legs (women, men, the elderly). Improves metabolism.
  • Insect bites and stings and contact dermatitis caused by allergens, chemical irritants, plants, etc.

Ozonated oil is also helpful for general skincare for adults, teens and children: it moisturizes, nourishes, and protects against external aggressors, with antioxidant, purifying and regenerative properties.

Ozone and ozonated oils

Ozone is a gas with the chemical formula O3. It is the allotropic form of oxygen (O2), meaning that it is oxygen in its most active state. It is found naturally in the environment as well as in the ozone layer, which protects the planet from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Ozone’s main feature is its incredible ability to purify, eliminating organic compounds including bacteria, fungi and viruses. When applied directly onto them, ozone has an immediate effect and the only residue that it leaves behind is pure oxygen. This makes it an extremely effective natural germicide agent. In the case of ozonated oils, the ozone reacts with the fatty acids in the oil under controlled reaction conditions, creating peroxide species, lipoperoxides, ozonides, aldehydes and ketones, among other compounds. According to multiple studies, the synergy that is created between the ozone and the oil explains the immense benefits of ozonated olive oil for the skin: its germicide power against bacteria, viruses and fungi; its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (because it stimulates the endogenous antioxidant system) and immunostimulant properties; its ability to repair and heal tissues; its moisturizing and nourishing capacity; its role in protecting against external aggressors, improving the metabolism, etc.


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