The effectiveness of ozone therapy for weight loss

weight loss ozonated oil for cellulite ozone factory

Despite the fact that the concept of the ideal figure is a stereotype imposed on us by the media and marketing, we still continue to strive to obtain graceful forms and lines of the body. It must be said, to achieve this, given the conditions of modern life, if not impossible, then at least very difficult.

Aggressive environmental effects, lack of proper sleep regimen and diet, sedentary way of life- all of this, of course, plays into the hands of excess weight and cellulite. However, modern medicine and cosmetology in combination with the correct time  organization of can quickly and efficiently solve the most complex tasks even correction of figure.

Ozone therapy in the treatment of cellulite

Cellulite is a major problem of the female figure. Visually, the skin deforming in the so-called problem areas (thighs, buttocks, calves, etc.), it produces an unpleasant repulsive impression: many people know this effect like "orange peel". However, contrary to many claims, cellulite can not be called just an aesthetic problem.

Why O3?

We know from the school chemistry course that ozone - a molecule triatomic oxygen (O3). This defines all its properties. Ozone - a powerful oxidant, perfect antiseptic. It is widely used for the treatment of various diseases, including in dermatology for the treatment of acne, rosacea. Also, ozone therapy is very popular as an anti-aging procedure, it is performed for facial rejuvenation.

Ozone Treatment of cellulite

As a rule, correction applied ozone-oxygen mixture, microneedles administered directly to the adipose tissue. In this case, the effect of ozone causes oxidation and subsequent destruction of lipids, while the oxygen, acting on the surrounding tissue, restores their supply.

Since ozone therapy procedure performed by slimming chipping problem areas occurring in the skin microtraumas stimulate blood flow, thereby restoring microcirculation in tissues. At the same time activate the output products of the body decay. That is derived from the tissues, not only after the introduction of ozone oxidized lipids, and toxins accumulate in the tissues for years due to the violation of microcirculation and cell nutrition.

Thus, the effect of ozone therapy becomes noticeable after the first chipping. In particular, after the treatment in the treated area:

1.Noticeably leveled leather;

2.Reduces swelling;

3.Reduces the amount of body (up to 2 cm);

4.Improves skin tone and quality.


Prevention is better than cure.

  It is mostly rational to start cellulites treatment on early stages when it only represents an esthetic problem. In this case ozonated oil can be used as a mono therapy, and it takes a few procedures with the ozonated oil massage to achieve a good cosmetic effect. The program of cellulites therapy combines local ozonated oil therapy (massage and wrapping on ozonized olive oil). 

What else you need to know about ozone therapy for weight loss?

The main thing you need to know and understand, is the fact that ozone therapy does not cure obesity. That is, if the cellulite in a patient caused by endocrine disorders, obesity, or other similar problems, then the duration of the effect of the full rate procedures will be insignificant. In this situation, you must first treat the underlying disease, and then resort to various methods of body shaping.

weight loss ozonated oil ozone factory


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