The benefits of ozonated coconut oil are being studied in research centers all over the world right now, and new uses are discovered all the time. Because of these studies, companies are beginning to produce ozonated coconut oil, now recognized as one of the best massage oils for bodywork therapy.

Coconut ozonated oil is a marvellous gift from nature that has so many different uses – from our hair to our skin. What you might not know is that coconut ozonated oil is fantastic to incorporate into a massage. When it comes to our health, massages play an important role. They stimulate blood circulation, bring more oxygen to our tissue and revitalise our muscles. Combine this with the benefits of coconut ozonated oil and it’s not hard to see why a coconut ozonated oil massage should be included in everyone’s health and wellness routine.

Benefits of Coconut Ozonated Oil

  • Anti-microbial properties : Coconut ozonated oil has great anti-microbial properties. Ozonides are considered to be great in treating various kinds of infections be it bacterial, viral or fungal. Coconut ozonated oil key constituents lauric acid and capric acid – both are known to show anti-microbial effect when broken down. So when coconut ozonated oil is applied on skin it helps skin get rid of harmful bacteria and fungus which breed on it. Thus saving body from infectious diseases
  • Health skin : Coconut ozonated oil has vitamin E in it. Vitamin E is well known to nourish skin and make it smoother and softer. You will find many moisturizer creams and body creams having Vitamin E in them.
  • Anti-ageing / anti-wrinkle : Ageing makes skin cell lose their flexibility, softness and colour. Coconut ozonated oil is helpful in making skin look younger. Along with vitamins present in it, its anti-oxidant effect also plays an important part in this process
  • Easy absorption : A good massage oil should be easily absorbed by body. Coconut ozonated oil is absorbed so easily that sometimes massage therapist use extra external moisturizer to make sure there is lubrication left while massaging. Coconut ozonated oil is often mixed with other herbal oils and extracts to further enhance its effects.
  • No stains : Coconut ozonated oil leaves no stains. Yes, this is a great news because most oils do leave stains and they are hard to go by.
  • Muscle benefits : Massage with coconut ozonated oil can soothe and relax tight muscles in your body. This is great if you are tired due to physical activity.

A survey of individuals that had received a massage within the last 12 months was completed. When surveyed, 67% of recipients identified the main reasons they scheduled a massage was either medical or stress-related (American Massage Therapy Association). While the benefits are numerous and varied, few recipients appeared to understand just how much of an impact massage can have on the health of their skin. While not traditionally used to renew, repair and heal skin, when you’re in the hands of a highly skilled massage therapist, you’ll undoubtedly see improvements in your skin as well.

Reducing Stress to Fight Effects of Time 
Stress wreaks havoc on your entire body and immune system, and as your immune system weakens and your body begins to wear under the mounting stress, it can have an effect on your skin. Your skin is one huge organ. It’s important to treat it as such and engage in activities that help relax and refresh it. Massage with coconut ozonated oil works to reduce tension in the muscles, skin and adjoining tissues while also working to reduce stress, by reducing the body’s production of cortisol. By managing stress you can improve the health of your skin and reduce other related complications such as dark spots, excessively dry skin and even the buildup of skin in your pores.
Stimulating Blood Flow to the Face
Any type of massage will help stimulate your blood flow and increase circulation which has particularly positive benefits to the health of your face. Gently rubbing and kneading your skin can help your face look radiant and healthy. Experts even say that massage can help firm loose skin, encourage lymphatic drainage to remove toxins and add vitality and freshness to a dull complexion. When combined with some additional treatments such as an coconut ozonated oil, you can clear away dead skin cells and hydrate your skin for a lasting, glowing effect.
Looking Healthier, Feeling Healthier
As the saying goes, “look great, feel great.” Massages are one of the most effective ways to ensure you aren’t just looking healthier, but also that you’re feeling healthier. Regular massages can reduce the tension in your body and allow it to process vitamins and expel toxins in the natural way it is meant to. As this process is facilitated by massages, you will begin to notice that your skin has a more even, balanced tone to it and is more supple, hydrated and youthful looking.
Investing in Your Overall Health
More than simply a great way to relax, massages and massage therapy are designed to help alleviate stress and pain that can accumulate in your muscles and pores and have damaging effects. Improved circulation, tightened skin, released toxins and an overall brighter, more even skin tone are just a few of the skin-related health benefits of massage. Speaking to a licensed massage therapist about your health concerns, skin-related or not, is a great way to invest in your overall health and wellness.


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