Nourish Your Skin and Muscles with the Power of Oxygen

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    Ozonated oil therapy is used for local inflammatory areas ozone massage (infiltrates, pustular elements).

    The effect is perceptible after one-two procedures: decrease of edema, tissue thickening and pain relief. After 4-5 procedures skin restores sensitivity, hyperemia decreases and sensation of postoperative areas disappears.
    The most important fact is that the result of treatment is not limited by elimination of esthetic problems only, but due to ozone numeral characteristics it is also manifested as the improvement of patient's general health.

    Anti-acne relief oil is an effective treatment for healing the skin scars after acne and discontinuation of inflammatory reactions. It helps improving skin blood circulation and detoxifying the skin, as well as prevents blemishes. 

    100% ORGANIC


    NO PRESERVATIVES                                   



    Wash and dry your face with clean towel, then apply 2-3 drops of Ozonated oil to face twice daily, massage gently (for pimples /acne skin do not massage your skin, but gently rub all over your face)

    For a better effect use a 1-2 teaspoon of ozonated oil orally once per day.

    At least 10 days of therapy is recommended.

    Ingredients:  Extra Virgin Hemp Seed Oil, activated Oxygen (Ozone - O3)


     NOTICE: This product has the same formula as the HEMP SEED OZONATED OIL