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    Ozonated Oil is an amazing substance, used for skin therapy, healing cellulite, anti acne, anti wrinkles, healing wounds that would otherwise not heal. Stories abound of patients unable to heal wounds with topical and IV antibiotics, finally able to heal their wounds with topical application of ozonated olive oil. 

   The secret? The Ozonated Oil not only kills bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens thereby sterilizing the wound, but it also does what no antibiotic could possibly do - stimulate the healing process.

Grape seed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes, typically wine grapes. In cosmetics, grape seed oil is widely used because it’s appears to assist with skin repair, as it has mildly astringent and antiseptic qualities. Grape Seed extract was one of many compounds (alongside Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Soy Isoflavones and 'oligomeric procyanidin';) that appeared to benefit skin quality and wrinkles around the eyes and face as well as the hand. Resveratrol is another compound in grape seed that is related to 'oligomeric procyanidin';. Resveratrol has become very popular as an antioxidant and it has significant skin-soothing properties.


The Benefits of OZONE (O3)

  • detoxification - removes toxins from the body

  • bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal - ozone contributes to the destruction of viruses, fungi and bacteria

  • oxygenizing - significantly increases the oxygen supply of tissue is removed anoxia

  • immunomodulatory properties - strengthens the immune system, improves the body's defense against harmful factors

  • anti-inflammatory

  • Increased metabolism - accelerated energy processes in cells is more rapid and qualitative metabolism of nutrients

  • analgesic (pain reliever)

  • thrombolytic - ozone and reduces the viscosity of blood clotting and accelerate the absorption of blood clots

  • regenerative - increased resilience of the skin and mucosa



The Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

  • Protection from Free radicals - The flavonoid 'oligomeric procyanidin', found in grape seed oil is an incredibly strong antioxidant, about 50 times stronger than antioxidants like, vitamin C and E. So, this compound can provide protection against cellular and tissue damage caused by free radicals.

  • Varicose Veins: grape seed oil can help strengthen and repair damaged or broken capillaries and blood vessels. This in turn, can help to improve circulation and alleviate conditions like, varicose veins, spider veins and hemorrhoids.

  • Anti-Candida activity: grape seed oil contains flavan-3- ols what can be used in mucosal infection such as vaginal candidiasis.

  • Grape seed oil can also prove beneficial in conditions like allergies, acne and dermatitis.

  • Anti-inflammatory: Natural fighter of inflammation, when combined with its antioxidant properties, it can help to reduces the swelling faster than any other medicines.




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