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*The Ozonated Oils are amazing skin care products widely used for effective therapy of acne, eczema and psoriasis symptoms, wounds, burns of different origin, as well as some other skin imperfections such as cellulite and wrinkles. 
While being one of the most available nutritional oils, Hemp Seed Oil comes from the Cannabis sativa plant and is recognized by herbalists as one of the healthiest oils on the market. Rich in Vitamins D and E, it can work as a natural sunblock and has anti-inflammatory properties that many other oils do not have.  It doesn't clog the pores, so it is widely used in cosmetology for blotches and dry skin lesions.
Ozonated Hemp Seed Oil is made by bubbling highly concentrated ozone into organic hemp oil.  Instead of using ambient air, we use medical-grade oxygen that keeps nitric oxides from entering the oil.  The high quality is preserved during ozonation by using the finest cold plasma ozone generators only. It ensures that no heat can harm the oil.  The final result is the purest, freshest Ozonated Organic Hemp Seed Oil available.
The Lavender scent significantly reduces the O3 odor.

The Benefits of OZONE (O3)

  • detoxification - removes toxins
  • anti-bactericidal, anti-virucidal and anti-fungicidal - ozone contributes to the destruction of viruses, fungi and bacteria
  • oxygenizing - significantly increases the oxygen supply in organism, eliminates anoxia
  • immunomodulatory properties - strengthens the immune system, improves the body's defense against harmful factors
  • anti-inflammatory
  • Increases metabolism – accelerates the energy processes in cells, speeds up the metabolism of nutrients
  • analgesic (pain reliever)
  • thrombolytic – O3 reduces the viscosity of blood clotting and accelerates the resorption of blood clots
  • regenerative - increases resilience of skin and mucosa

The Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

  • Balanced ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids:  Hemp oil has a 3:1 ratio of these important fatty acids.  This is thought to help reducing the symptoms of psoriasis, acne and eczema.  It is also prized for those on vegan diets as well as those promoting heart health.
  • A variety of hair and skin benefits:  Many of those who use hemp oil report thicker, smoother hair, softer skin and stronger nails.  
  • Good source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid):  a good alternative to fish oil.
  • Natural antioxidant:  Hemp oil includes amino acids, Omega-9 and Vitamin E, as well as calcium and potassium.  
  • Anti-inflammatory:  Natural inflammation fighter combined with its antioxidant properties it can also help to clean and detoxify your skin.

* A lot of patients that were unable to treat their skin-problems with topical and IV-generation antibiotics, finally, could share the stories of amazing healing after topical application of Ozonated Oils.


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