Edematous-fibrosclerotic panniculopathy or cellulites is an exclusively female problem and represents a pathological state of fat cells (adipocytes). Among the reasons and risk factors inducing a change of fatty tissue are numbered genetic, family, national features, pubescence period, pregnancy and delivery, hormonal disturbances and intake of contraceptive preparations, age and life way.

   According to various sources, 80% to 95% of women are suffering from cellulites. The affected areas are thighs and buttocks, more rarely - back and arms.

   The initial stage of cellulites is characterized by microcirculatory disorder, swelling, stagnation of liquid in subcutaneous tissue. So, it comes to edematous form of cellulites that in case of further progression is transformed to fibrosclerotic form.

   Thus, the main mechanism of cellulites development is microcirculatory disorder that leads to edema, which in turn aggravates hemodynamics closing circulus vitiosus.

Cellulites treatment should be focused:

- Firstly, on removal of disease reason;
- Secondly, on correction of pathogenetic mechanisms of disease development;
- Thirdly, on liquidation of its appearances and consequences.
All these tasks can be successfully fulfilled by ozone.

   It is mostly rational to start cellulites treatment on early stages when it only represents an esthetic problem. In this case ozonated oil can be used as a mono therapy, and it takes a few procedures with the ozonated oil massage to achieve a good cosmetic effect. The program of cellulites therapy combines local ozonated oil therapy (massage and wrapping on ozonized olive oil). The parenteral methods restore hormonal background, protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, quickly remove consequences of stress and chronic tiredness, balance the processes of excitation and inhibition of nervous system, increase oxygen supply of the whole organism.

   The usual course of massage therapy includes a certain number of sessions (from 10 to 20) with frequency 2-3 times a week. Positive results of treatment are observed already after 3-5 sessions and well manifested, the patients start to notice lightness in the lower limbs and a decrease in pastosity and edema. On the next stage it comes to reduction or complete disappearance of "orange peel", a decrease in volumes of subcutaneous tissue.

Through ozonated oil therapy it comes to a fast-progressive decrease in fat layers, fatty tissue becomes more thick and compact.

   Ozone facilitates fast elimination of fat from stomach, particularly from its lower part that undergoes a little change through traditional methods of correction and practically no change through diet therapy and general slimming.

   The essential difference of ozonated oil therapy from other forms of lipolysis (mechanical, electric, ultrasound, chemical) is that ozonolipolysis or ozonolysis (destruction of fatty tissue by ozone) combines both a local and systemic detoxication effect, intensifies fat splitting and utilization. It comes to stimulation of cellular processes, an increase in the oxygen-transport function of blood and accordingly the oxidoreduction potential of the organism. Ozone introduced by parenteral route does not only activate lipid exchange, but also initiates the mechanism of natural processing of the organism own energy resources i.e. fat. Ozone stimulates B-oxidation of fatty acids, energy production and activity of the hepatocytes focused on processing of lipid fractions; on this way liver is not affected.    Under the action of ozone in the hepatocytes it comes to activation of structural-functional mechanisms of transformation of fat energy substrates to carbohydrate ones. Ozonization induces production of catalase and peroxides involved in the catabolism of fatty acids and synthesis of glycogen and glucose from products of this catabolism i.e. ozone performs the antioxidant and detoxication functions.    The anticellulites effect and slimming are realized on a background of tonus restoration, strengthening and tonization of all tissues exposed to ozone therapy. Skin is not hanging like after usual slimming and other methods of cellulites treatment, on the contrary - it becomes more elastic, its appearance improves. It comes to normalization of connective tissue structure as ozone has a fibrinolytic effect, a decrease in the level of hypertrophic adipocytes and metabolism restoration in subcutaneous tissue.

   As a rule, cellulites is not an independent pathology, but manifests on a background of the main disease owing to the organism's intoxication. Therefore, without removing a reason it is impossible to cure a consequence. Ozone producing a complex effect on the organism acts on the molecular, cellular, systemic levels and treats both actual diseases and their consequence i.e. cellulites. Ozonated oil therapy provides remission for half to one year, but not only 1-2 months like traditional treatment. So, ozone is used to treat cellulites, but not only to achieve a temporary cosmetic effect.

   Based on the results of numerous clinical investigations it can be claimed that for today ozone therapy is one of the most effective methods for prevention and treatment of cellulites.

   The gathered experience allows making a conclusion that ozone therapy is characterized by simplicity of application, good tolerance by patients, practically complete absence of side-effects, high efficiency and reasonable prices for appropriate equipment. This is a very profitable method of treatment.


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