Acne disease.

Doctor Ion Turcan
Republic of Moldova, Europe 2013.

   Ozonated oil therapy is used in the form of local ozone massage on inflammatory areas (infiltrates, pustular elements).

   On average one treatment course consists of 5-6 procedures at an interval of 5 days. All patients show clinical improvement already after one procedure. This manifests in infiltrate softening, a decrease in swelling, exudation, hyperemia, painfulness. Treatment time is reduced by 2-3 times as compared with traditional methods.

Any complications and side effects are not observed.

   In case of torpid course of acne disease, diffused process the most effective method is autohaemotherapy with ozone considerably increasing the immunity and producing an antibacterial effect.

   Ozone is also an integral part of postoperative rehabilitation for prevention of complications. Ozone helps to intensify lymphodrainage, restore microcirculation, improve tissue trophism, stimulate metabolic processes.

   The effect is noticeable already after one-two procedures: a decrease in edema, tissue thickening and painfulness. After 4-5 procedures it comes to restoration of skin sensitivity, a decrease in hyperemia and disappearance of constriction sensation in the area of postoperative sutures. More comfortable sensations of the patient have a positive influence on his evaluation of results of the performed operation.

   Obviously, ozonated oil therapy in the form of massage allows solving many serious problems arising in the practice of dermatocosmetologist. Of great importance is the fact that the result of similar procedures is not only solution of esthetic problems, but also improvement in general feeling of patients through the many-sided non-specific effect of ozone on tissues and the organism as a whole.


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