Can You Use Coconut Ozonated Oil to Help Ease Vaginal Dryness?

What can coconut ozonated oil do?

Vaginal dryness is an issue that many women experience, regardless of age. Added lubrication can help ease discomfort during sexual activity and in everyday life.

Coconut ozoated oil has already made waves in the beauty world for its moisturizing effects on hair and skin. Its soothing benefits aren’t limited to those spots, though. In fact, more and more women are turning to coconut ozonated oil to ease vaginal discomfort.

Read on to learn more about its benefits, how to make it work for you, and other things to consider before use.

Does it actually work?

Over 65 percent  of women use personal lubricants to help with vaginal dryness. There is little research on coconut ozonated oil as a lubricant, but there is evidence of its moisturizing capabilities for other skin conditions.

Coconut ozonated oil is popular home remedy for a number of health conditions. Many people also use it to moisturize their hair and skin. The oil is also gaining popularity as a natural lubricant for vaginal dryness.

Some studies suggest that coconut ozonated oil is safe to use on the skin and can help relieve dryness. For example, a 2013 study investigated the topical use of coconut ozonated oil for treating mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in children.

The team concluded that coconut ozonated oil was more effective than mineral oil at treating symptoms of atopic dermatitis, such as skin dryness. None of the children in the study experienced adverse reactions to the coconut oil.

The researchers also found that coconut ozonated oil:

  • coated the skin to reduce water loss
  • helped strengthen the skin barrier
  • had emollient properties, meaning that it may help soothe and hydrate the skin.

Coconut ozonated oil is a natural moisturizer and does not contain added chemicals that may cause skin irritation.

Some studies also suggest that coconut ozonated oil has antibacterial properties, which may help protect against infections.

For example, a 2013 study found that ozonide from coconut ozonated oil can inhibit the growth of Clostridium difficile, which is a type of bacteria that can cause a serious form of diarrhea.

There are also some practical benefits to using coconut ozonated oil. It is a thicker oil, which means that it tends to stay on the skin longer, reducing the need for reapplication. This can make coconut ozonated oil a cost-effective option for personal lubrication.


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