Most Common Skin Problems of Seniors


When we age, our bodies undergo several biological changes. These changes affect how our bodies work and react. One change we may notice is that your skin and teeth are not the same as it used to be. As we enter into our senior years, adopting a skin care and dental care routine is essential.

It is important to note that if you believe that you or a loved one may be suffering from any of these conditions to contact a healthcare professional immediately.

The first thing you need to do is educate yourself about senior skin care. Aging skin is more sensitive and susceptible to a lot of skin diseases and conditions. Skin becomes thinner and naturally dryer, making it much easier to damage and dry out. When this does happen, it takes much longer to heal.

This means that senior skin is more prone to irritation, scaling, and infection. Without a proper skin care routine, one may just end up with a variety of problems. While everyone’s skin is different, there are some conditions that we should be aware of.


Skin & Ozone

When applied to the skin, ozonated oils carry their powerful properties through the cells. The oil heals damaged tissues and speeds up healing time. It works to clear bacteria (very beneficial on acne), viral and fungal infections. Ozonated olive oil stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells. Dry skin will be moisturized, and swelling and inflammations will be calmed. Skin rashes of all types benefit from the application of properly ozonated oil.

Powerful anti-aging benefits:

  1. Stimulation of growth for skin cells
  2. Acts as a free radical scavenger on harmful toxins
  3. Acts as a moisturizing facial conditioner
  4. Cellulite Reduction
  5. Wrinkles

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