Ozonated Oil for Dermatophytosis


These disorders result from infection of the skin by fungal organisms collectively called dermatophytes (phyte is the Greek word for plant). Various clinical lesions can result, but the most common are scaling, erythematous papules, plaques, and patches, which often have a serpiginous or worm-like border. The word tinea (Latin for worm) is used for these superfiial fungal infections. It is followed by a qualifying term that denotes the location of the infection on the body. For example, tinea capitis is a fungal infection of the scalp, and tinea pedis is a dermatophyte infection of the feet. Tinea versicolor is the only exception; its name derives from the several shades of color that lesions may have in this disease.

Synonyms for fungal infection of the skin:
1. Dermatophytosis
2. Tinea
3. ‘Ringworm’

Dermatophytic infections are common, in aggregate representing 2.5% of the authors’ new patients. The incidence is higher in warmer, more humid climates. Table gives the prevalence of four of the more common skin infections in the general US population.

In most dermatophytic infections, the patient presents with a scaling rash. Pruritus is common, and often the chief complaint. A history of exposure to infected persons 
or other mammals (e.g., dogs, cats, cattle) may be elicited.


Tinea corporis is the classic ‘ringworm.’ Often, patients have a history of exposure to an infected animal such as a pet dog or cat.

Physical Examination

The typical lesion is annular, with an elevated, scaling border and tendency for central clearing. One or several lesions may be present. In patients predisposed to chronic infection, the eruption may be widespread, and not all the lesions may be annular. In these instances, the fiding of elevated serpiginous borders in some of the lesions is a helpful clue.

Ozone Therapy can help you fight those pesky fungal and bacterial infection. Ozone Therapy kills fungus and bacteria, fights inflammation, softens skin, removes toxins and impurities from the blood, improves blood circulation and improves your overall health. You can try coconut oznated oil to fight the symptoms of "ringworm" and most other skin diseases.

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