Ozone as a disinfectant

Disinfection is considered to be the primary mechanism for the inactivation/destruction of pathogenic organisms to prevent the spread of diseases.
Ozone is a powerful disinfectant. Besides eliminating microbes, it is also a chemical free and versatile option – can be used as disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer!
Ozone as a disinfectant has been used even in healthcare and labs! It’s the safest option and less harmful to our health.

Ozone as a disinfectant

Ozone is an unstable molecule that will give away an oxygen atom and form O2 at any given opportunity. Ozone can work as a disinfectant since it will oxidize molecules that build up the bacteria and thereby destroy them in the process when the ozone molecule gets reduced and gives away an atom. This process, by which ozone eliminates bacteria, is called an oxidative burst. When the ozone comes in contact with the bacterial cell wall, this process will take place and generate a hole in the cell wall. The burst originates from a reaction between the ozone molecules and the double bonds of the lipids that constitute the cell membranes. This will lead to the bacteria having difficulties maintaining their structure at the same time as more ozone molecules create more holes. This will eventually lead to the bacteria not being able to keep their content and hence it will die. The ozone will also enter the cells after a hole is created and oxidize the nucleic and amino acids, which also leads to cell lysis. Since the ozone will give away an oxygen atom in this reaction, this means that the byproduct after the process is oxygen (O2), which is completely harmless. This indicates that there are no harmful byproducts that are produced in the process, which is very favorable.

Benefits of ozone 

    • Powerful and effective disinfectant;

    • Destroys bacteria, virus, germs and any microorganism;

    • Its strong oxidizing properties make ozone one of the most efficient and fastest microbicides;

    • It is an excellent disinfectant for daily use;

    • Prevents the regrowth of microorganisms after ozonization, unlike ultraviolet and chlorine disinfection;

    • It is more effective than chlorine in destroying virus and bacteria;

    • Ozone decomposes rapidly – no harmful chemical residues are left behind;

    • Provides additional oxygen to the tissue;

    • Environmentally friendly.

Ozonated oil - the best oil to kill microbes and moisturize dry skin after excessive use of handwashing and hand sanitizer

All over the world people are currently being advised to wash hands regularly many times a day, in order to help prevent the Corona-virus from spreading. The side effects of excessive hand washing is however dry hands, irritated skin and even cracks. In order to repair the damage, you need to add oils, that can reestablish the natural oils of the skin on your hands.

Cracked hands and bacteria

If cracked hands are not treated this can also give bacteria an entry point, and cause us to become ill.

Giving your hands the right moisturizer after hand wash is therefore equally important as thorough hand washing. 

The ozonated oil has a unique composition of ozonides and highly boosting natural antioxidants. It is completely natural and free of toxins, which makes it useful even on sensitive skin and on small children and babies. It is capable of killing microbes and repairing dry hands without leaving them greasy and oily and best of all, it works very quickly and will give you results overnight.

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