Ozone Disinfection Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Microbial

When ozone is infused into the given carrier oil, the 3 molecule of oxygen reacts with the unsaturated fatty acids, resulting in a cascade of chemical reactions. This leads to the formation of organic hydrogen peroxides that are trapped in the oil.

Theses hydrogen peroxides act as oxidizing agents.

Bacteria are small single cell creatures. They have a body that is sealed by a relatively solid cell membrane. Active o3 (or ozone) interferes with the bacteria cell, by blocking the operation of the enzymatic control system. It breaks through the cell membrane, destroying the outer protein fatty shell of the organism. This ultimately leads to the destruction of the bacteria cell and the disinfection of any wound or lesion.

When applied to the skin, ozone oil acts as an all organic and natural anti-septic through the mechanism of oxidation of microorganisms. Ozone has the capacity to deliver active o2 within a wound, stimulating the healing processes of the body.

Ozone Oil can be applied to:

– Cuts

– Bed Sores

– Bruises

– Toothaches

– Diabetic Ulcers

– Wounds

– Bug Bites

– Burns

– Skin Lesions

– Bacterial Infections

– Skin & Nail Fungus

Note: These claims are based on our own individual experience and research over time, they should not be thought of as facts, they are opinions.

Info from: o3organics.com/anti-bacterial/


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