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   Most of us are aware that ozone is basically a treatment of pure oxygen and its effect on the human body is even better. But ozonated oil has the advantage of being used without the doctor's presence. About the production process we talked in great detail in our blogs. Now we want to present our products in more detail. But first it is necessary to talk about the role of lipids in the body. 

What Are Lipids Used for in the Body?

  Lipids, also known as fats, play many important roles in your body, from providing energy to producing hormones. You wouldn't be able to digest and absorb food properly without lipids. Of course, eating more fat than you need can lead to weight gain, but in proper amounts lipids are a healthy part of your diet. 

   The primary role of lipids in your body is to provide energy for muscles and body processes. Fat is energy dense, containing 9 calories per gram, whereas protein and carbohydrate contain only 4 calories per gram. About half of the fuel your body needs when at rest or during everyday activity comes from lipids. If you consume more calories than you need in a day, the excess energy is stored as lipids in adipose cells. In between meals and during exercise your body relies on these fats stores to provide energy. 

   Lipids are also used to insulate and protect your body. You have a layer of fat just below your skin that helps to keep your internal body temperature regular despite the external temperature. Your vital organs, such as the kidneys, have a layer of fat around them that acts like bubble wrap to protect them from injury. Without this lipid layer, every bump and bruise could hurt your organs.

   Lipids in your body are essential for proper digestion and absorption of food and nutrients. Bile acids produced from lipids in your liver allow fat and water to mix in your intestines and aid in the breakdown and absorption of food. Lipids are then needed to transport the fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E and K, from your intestines to your blood stream. Your cells use these vitamins to maintain the health of your vision, skin, bones, teeth and blood, according The National Institutes of Health.

   The essential lipids, linolenic acid and linoleic acid, are vital to your health; they cannot be made in your body and must come from your diet. They are used in the production of cell membranes and hormones, as well for maintaining vision and supporting the immune system. These lipids provide structure and support for the walls of every cell in your body. Communication between cells is also dependent upon lipids in your cells' membranes. 
  Cholesterol is a type of lipid needed to produce important steroid hormones in your body. Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and the active form of vitamin D are all formed from cholesterol and are needed to maintain pregnancy, develop sex characteristics and regulate calcium levels in your body. According to the American Heart Association, about 25 percent of the cholesterol in your blood comes from your diet, from animal foods such as egg yolks, cheese and shrimp, and the other 75 percent is formed in your liver and cells. 

Biological Properties of Ozonated Oil: 

• It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and algae on contact. 
• It breakdown harmful synthetic chemicals into less dangerous molecules.
• It purifies the blood by rupturing the cell wall of the microorganisms.
• It kills some cancer cells, slows tumor growth, and may stop the spread of cancer. 
• It provides more oxygen to the brain.
• It boosts the immune system. 


 It has a powerful germicidal effect and hence helps in all kind of skin related disease, non-healing ulcer, burns and dental pathology.


Is healthy and safe massaging oil with main active ingredient is ozonized oil. It helps in relieving all kind of musculoskeletal pain. 


Is an instant pain relieving products. It is an extremely effective balm for body ache and joint pain. As ozonized oil is a major ingredient and due to which it helps in inflammation and reduce swelling and pain instantly.


Is an effective hair oil for nourishing scalp and hair and makes hair healthy and smooth and shiny. Due to ozonated oil is an active ingredient it is very effective in dandruff and dry scalp.



Is excellent oil for the treatment of all kind of acidity related problem of the body. Using a unique formula with ozone, it helps in maintaining a good health by removing anaerobic germs from intestinal tract. At the same time it makes the immunity of the body stronger. 


 Makes your skin young, bright and cleaner and smoother. With the unique formula with ozone it superoxide's the skin, which in true Increase the metabolic rate and energy of the skin and promotes cell healing. As miracle also act as antioxidant, on using regularly, it helps in reducing wrinkle, aging spots and damage of dull skin, which in turn skin looks younger.


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