Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil For Face And Skin Care

Sweet almond ozonated oil is packed with antioxidants, high in vitamins E, A, D and B, contains protein, essential minerals and healthy fats as well. It is also rich in oleic and linoleic acids. It is used not only for skin and face care, but also as a medicinal oil and for treating some skin disorders.

Is Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil Good For Skin?

There are two different kinds of almond oil – sweet almond oil and bitter almond essential oil. The oil used for therapeutic purpose is sweet almond oil, also sometimes called as pure almond oil, which is highly refined. Being noncomedogenic, it’s non greasy lubricant, medium-light with quick absorption rate so works well on the face and even on sensitive skin.

Sweet almond ozonated oil for face or skin works as great lubricant during a message therapy. It also acts as an emollient and is good for dry, flaky, irritated skin and for preventing skin spots.

On the other hand, bitter almond oil is an essential oil that is meant for use as a scent and flavor. It is not to be used for skin treatment purposes, whatsoever. It’s neither useful for aromatherapy purposes nor for moisturizing benefits. Its use is meant mostly for smell.

Although the face is the most preferable place for using sweet almond ozonated oil, but it can beneficially be used on any part of your body. So much so, it can treat many beauty and hair problems. Thus sweet almond ozonated oil can do wonders for both skin and hair.

Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil For Skin Benefits And How To Use Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil For Face And Skin

Sweet almond ozonated oil is a so versatile natural beauty product that if there was only one product for you to use for your whole life …. Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil would be the one!

Sweet almond ozonated oil for dry skin: As sweet almond ozonated oil has high content of vitamin E, it can be used as a great emollient and lubricator for dry skin. Apply just a few drops of sweet almond ozonated oil as a moisturizer all over your body every day at night and wake up with soft and supple skin in morning.

Sweet almond ozonated oil as sun protector: Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles, sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. Using sweet almond ozonated oil is a natural way of protecting your skin from UV rays. It has been found that applying sweet almond ozonated oil does not only protect skin, but can also reverse damage that might have already happened. Moreover, this oil also slows down the skin’s aging process.

Sweet almond ozonated oil for removing makeup: This ozonated oil is so light and less greasy that it can be used as an ideal makeup remover. It works on the skin to open pores and effectively remove all the makeup and leaving the skin healthier and beautiful. Massage this ozonated oil directly onto your skin and it will lift away all the makeup with ease. It’s so gentle that you can even remove waterproof mascara with its help. The best thing about using this ozonated oil is that it can be used on all skin types and also it deters the chances of acne and pimples breakout.

Sweet Almond Oil As Hand And Foot Cream: sweet almond ozonated oil is a light and less greasy oil alternative for hand and foot creams. Because of its lightness, it gets absorbed into your skin in a jiffy. It also carries a sweet fragrance. It also has zinc properties, due to which it can heal and get rid of cracked skin on all parts of your body.

Use Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil To Make Your Eyelashes Big And Flirty: Its application will nourish, strengthen, and nurture them to grow big into naturally fuller eyelashes.


(i) Simply use a cotton tip or an old mascara wand. Dip it in the sweet almond ozonated oil and apply a very small amount to eyelashes and eyebrows, just like applying mascara.

(ii) Repeat it until all the eyelashes are covered in oil. You can apply this before going to bed at night or whenever you get some time during the day.

Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil Lip Balm: To make your lips soft, supple and luscious, use this treatment for chapped lips.

Method: To make your own sweet almond ozonated oil natural lip balm, mix sweet almond ozonated oil with some honey. Pour this mixture into an airtight container and store in a fridge. Apply this lip balm onto your lips whenever you feel they are dry.


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