The Beauty Benefits of Anti-Aging Ozonated Oils

Today’s ozonated oils are cosmetically elegant, light formulations that are excellent for layering and everyday use. They are typically derived from flowers, leaves, roots, and other parts of plants. While they are predominantly known for their hydrating properties, ozone helps anti-aging routines and provides antibacterial and healing benefits. This column briefly reviews the moisturizing and cleansing benefits of anti-aging facial ozonated oils. Ozonated oils have long been used on the skin for cosmetic purposes. Topical applications of ozonated oils have a variety of effects on the skin according to their composition. 

Key ozonated oil components include triglycerides, free fatty acids, tocopherols, sterols, phospholipids, waxes, squalene, phenolic compounds, and ozonide. According to leading dermatologists, ozonated oils may be the missing step in standard beauty routines. Derms also cautions that not all ozonated oils are the same. Some can nourish the skin, while others can be potential irritants, so consumers must choose wisely. Consumers are also drawn to ingredients sourced from nature, which may explain, in part, why in the past few years, ozonated oils have become staples in beauty cabinets everywhere, although the trend originated in South Korea.
With age, skin moisture levels decline, causing the skin to become dry and dehydrated, and making fine lines and wrinkles more noticeable. Ozonated oils not only hydrate the skin but because they are rich in antioxidants, they also fight free radical damage to cells, thereby preventing further aging. The global cosmetic oil market size is expected to top $72 billion by 2025, a CAGR of 5.2%, according to Grand View Research Inc. Increasing the use of beauty oils by the hair and skin care industries is the key factor driving the growth of the market. In the US, emollients are forecast to achieve the fastest growth during the period of 2018-2023, according to Nikola Matic, director of the chemicals and materials practice at Kline & Company. Ozonated oils provide occlusion, which means they help seal in the moisture that is already there, imparting a glowing, plumped and refreshed facial look. They provide the skin with essential nutrients like fatty acids, that help maintains moisture and increase its ability to protect itself against the environment. Ozonated oils are excellent for spot skin applications delivering desired skin benefits. Ozonated oils easily pass through the lipid layers of the skin, preventing water loss and creating an immediate plumping action.

Lipids are produced by cells in the stratum corneum, the protective outer layer of skin that functions as the skin’s primary protection against water loss. The ozonated oils keep skin layers soft, seal in hydration, and protect against allergens and pathogens, by keeping the stratum corneum intact. Hydration is really a function of water balance, so oils help keep water in, and prevents the environment from stripping water out, according to Dermatologist Tyler Hollowig. Ozonated oil is critical to maintain the barrier and minimize water loss; both are essential for healthy, hydrated skin, and prevent irritants from entering the skin. Emollient in nature, oils easily fill in the spaces between the cells in the upper layer of the skin. By replacing these essential lipids, ozonated oil products smooth, lubricate, and moisturize the skin. Hydration is essential in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and making skin supple and smooth.

Ozonated oils should be applied to clean damp skin by gently pressing them on the face. Wet skin will lock-in the moisture. According to Cecelia Wong, a holistic skincare expert, hemp seed ozonated oil is the best oil for acne. Studies have found that 5% hemp seed ozonated oil is as effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide. Dermatologist Leslie Bowmann recommends hemp seed ozonated oil as a gentle natural acne treatment. For oily skin, grape seed ozonated oil helps regulate natural oil production. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Wong’s entire anti-aging skincare line is based on ozonated sweet almond oil. It smooths fine lines and wrinkles while moisturizing skin. ozonated sweet almond oil contains high concentrations of vitamin E and fatty acids, which are more stable in sunlight than other antioxidants, which is ideal for daily wear products. so you can wear all day. 

Ozonated oils are non-comedogenic, non-greasy, and are highly effective for removing makeup and are the best sources for cleansing dry, dehydrated, or sensitive skin. Dermatologist Mona Gohara recommends ozonated oils as facial cleansers, as they are especially good at removing silicone and synthetic makeup ingredients. Unlike soap, when you rinse an ozonated oil cleanser, it won’t strip the skin. Also, the ozonated oils, which are antioxidant-rich, neutralize free radicals that cause signs of aging. Avoid cleansers that contain harsh detergent like ammonium lauryl sulfate, which can dry skin. It is better to use washes enriched with ozonated oil such as argan, jojoba, or sunflower seed, which clean and moisturize.

Ozonated oils help regulate the skin’s natural oil production system by replenishing lipids, triglycerides, and essential fatty acids that can be stripped during washing. Arielle Nagler, a dermatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, notes that facial cleansing with ozonated oils is best suited for people with dry skin who could use a little more moisture, rather than people who produce a lot of oil. 

Ozonated oil-based products are one of the best ways to add moisture to the skin, according to Engelman and Bhansali. They are easily absorbed and penetrate deeply. 

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