Amazing Benefits Of Grapeseed Ozonated Oil For Skin, Hair & Health

Grapes, including its leaves and sap, have been traditionally used throughout Europe for thousands of years to treat numerous conditions.

Grape seed extract, also called grape seed oil, is usually made from the seeds of red grapes used for wine. This oil has been shown to have many benefits for one’s health, including the face, skin and hair.

Grape seed oil was once the well-kept secret of many traditional cosmetic repertoires. It's an easily absorbed, gentle oil that is light on the skin. Known in the cosmetics industry as a carrier oil, grape seed oil facilitates a wide array of commercially available creams and lotions. While you may have no qualms about paying for high-priced cosmetics, you could easily apply the lotion directly from the bottle to enjoy its soothing benefits.

Grapeseed ozonated oil can be used to treat and prevent symptoms associated with aging, such as wrinkles and loose skin. Not only does it help by moisturizing your skin, but its anti-oxidant properties destroy free radicals that degrade collagen production, a substance important for youthful skin.

Simply apply to the face before bedtime and allow to soak in. Make sure to keep oil away from your eyes. Applying the oil after a hot bath will help it soak in more. Consistent use will bring much more noticeable results.

Sun Protection

Although it’s not sufficient to replace sunblock entirely, especially during intense sun, grapeseed ozonated oil has been shown to have some resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, the vitamin E contained within the oil prevents skin inflammation that results from sunburn.

Because of it being an oil, it will have sufficient water resistance, making it great for water activities. However, grapeseed ozonated oil tends to absorb in the skin rather quickly, so it may need to be applied frequently to be used as an effective sunblock. Again, remember to use regular sunblock as well.



This trick is especially useful if you get dry skin during the winter, or any time of the year. Climate plays a part as well. However, grapeseed ozonated oil will rapidly heal any dry skin that you may have.

On top of containing healthy essential oils that keep skin hydrated, vitamin E and antioxidants further prevent skin from drying out. Better yet, grapeseed ozonated oil will not clog your skin pores, unlike other moisturizers, so acne and unwanted pimples won’t be a problem.

Severely dry skin may require copious amounts of the oil. It could also be made into a paste, allowing larger doses on the skin at one time.

Not only does grapeseed ozonated oil not cause acne, but it can prevent it too, due to its excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Another mechanism of how it works is by replacing sebum, a substance naturally produced by the skin to prevent dehydration, is effectively replaced by the grapeseed ozonated oil.

It’s this sebum that feeds acne-causing bacterial. Grapeseed ozonated oil kills the bacteria by replacing the sebum, effectively starving it of food. Any painful pimples or other skin rashes will be soothed by the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Bags under the eyes aren’t reserved for just the elderly, but can be found in just about every age group from 20 and up. A rough lifestyle, such as stress and poor sleep, can add to the mess as well.

Fortunately, applying grapeseed ozonated oil on any eye bags you may have will help alleviate their presence. Also, it can improve lines around the eyes as well.

Although some have reported improvement with dark circles, it may or may not heal your dark circles, due to them having a very different cause.

Stretch marks result from the break down of the dermis, the thickest part of the skin. Sudden growth spurts, such as puberty and pregnancy, cause this. Applying grapeseed oznated oil to the marks will reduce their presence to a degree, especially if you apply frequently.

Applying the oil before a pregnancy will prevent and treat stretch marks even more. You could also apply grapeseed oznated oil to a warm or hot bath, allowing the oil to slowly soak all over.

Pre Shave Oil

Grapeseed ozonated oil makes an excellent pre-shave solution. It will greatly decrease the chance of razor burns during a shave by lubricating the surface between the hair and the razor, effectively preventing the blade from grabbing and pulling.

Any little irritation that does result from the shave will easily be repaired by the oil’s amazing anti-oxidant, moisturizing and collagen-building properties. To make an even more effective grape seed pre-shave oil, heat up oil and add beneficial herbs, then strain them out.

Due to the excellent properties of grapeseed ozonated oil, it makes an excellent substitute for hair conditioner. What’s nice about using grapeseed ozonated oil as a hair conditioner compared to other oils, such as coconut and olive oil, is that it won’t leave your hair feeling greasy and oily.

That fact that it’s odorless is also nice. Overall, it will treat dry hair, split ends and other annoying hair problems you may encounter. Start with a little at first and work your way up. The length of time the oil has to soak is an important factor as well.

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