Coconut Ozonated Oil Hair Mask For Thicker, Shinier & Softer Hair

Are you suffering from unhealthy hair problems?

If your hair looks dull, thin or brittle then read on this article.

Try this diy hair treatment at home and see how your hair turns into thicker, stronger, softer and shinier hair just within a few weeks.

DIY Coconut Ozonated Oil Hair Mask Treatment At Home

This treatment requires only three natural ingredients, namely, Aloe Vera, Coconut Ozonated Oil & Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil.

Before I share with you how to make & use this hair mask, let us first see how its three ingredients will benefit your hair.

Why Aloe Vera?

The main benefits of using aloe vera in this hair mask are:

Aloe vera

(i) contains proteolytic enzymes that help mend dead/damaged skin cells on your scalp.

(ii) contributes to hair growth.

(iii) has anti-fungal properties, so helps in reducing dandruff.

(iv) contains nutrients that provide elasticity to your hair & help prevent hair breakage.

(v) creates a shielding layer around your hair, which not only keeps your hair hydrated but also protects your hair from environmental damages.

Why Coconut Ozonated Oil?

The coconut ozonated oil functions as a base & serves as a hydrating agent as well. In addition it provides the following benefits:

(i) Its fatty acid content nourishes your scalp & helps hair-growth.

(ii) Helps reduce hair breakage.

(iii) Penetrates hair follicles, so provides a full, deep hydration. 

Why Sweet ALmond Ozonated Oil?

Sweet almond ozonated oil provides the following hair benefits:

(i) Contributes to faster hair growth.

(ii) Rich in ricinoleic acid. So helps improve blood circulation in the scalp, which reduces hair loss.

(iii) Helps maintain pH balance & mend hair damage.

(iv) The presence of anti-oxidants boosts Keratin in hair, which makes your hair stronger & smoother.

How To Make Coconut Ozonated Oil Hair Mask At Home?

You will need:

(i) Aloe Vera Gel: 1 tablespoon, preferably freshly extracted.

(ii) Coconut Ozonated Oil: 1 tablespoon, pure. 

(iii) Sweet Almond Ozonated Oil: 1/2 tablespoon, pure.

You can adjust the amounts of the above ingredients in 2:2:1 ratio.



Mix well the three ingredients!


How To Use On Hair?

Apply the hair mask all over your hair thoroughly, leaving it in overnight. Wash it off in the morning. Use this treatment regularly once a week. You will see good results within four weeks.  

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