How To Make A Coconut Ozonated Oil Sugar Scrub At Home And How To Use It?

A coconut ozonated oil and sugar scrub is a great way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. The gentle exfoliation property of sugar granules and the healthy skin benefits of coconut ozonated oil together form an excellent tonic for the skin that is dry, suffering from irritation or inflammation.

Read on to find how to make Coconut Ozonated Oil & Sugar Scrub at home, it’s benefits & how to use this amazing scrub on your face, hands, legs & feet.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, coconut oil contains several nutrients such as vitamin E, which can help improve health of skin.

However, the main use of a coconut ozonated oil sugar scrub is to exfoliate and moisturize skin. The sugar granules help scrape away dead skin cells, unclog the skin pores, and clear out the dirt and grime covering your face. Once the sugar does its magic and removes the dirt, the coconut ozonated oil is able to penetrate into the skin and not only moisturize deep, but also helps stimulate blood flow enabling growth of new skin cells. 

Uses of Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Skin Care

1. Keeps Skin Hydrated

Coconut ozonated oil acts as a natural moisturizer. It works as a great emollient & highly beneficial in preventing dry, flaky skin and skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. On the other hand, sugar acts as a humectant, so draws moisture from the environment and maintains the skin hydrated.

2. Exterminates Harmful Bacteria

Coconut ozonated oil also has antimicrobial & antibacterial properties that can help prevent various skin problems caused by bacteria.


3.Effective Exfoliant

Coconut ozonated oil & sugar scrub help gently scrub away dead skin cells. Sugar granules are far less abrasive than salt, so unlike a salt scrub a sugar scrub will not cause micro-tears in the skin. Therefore, they help remove the dirt and clear out all traces of makeup from your skin.

Coconut Ozonated Oil Has Antioxidant Properties

Coconut ozonated oil contains antioxidants, which help protect the skin from free radicals environmental damage. This in turn slows down skin aging process and maintains your skin healthy & youthful.

How Do You Make Coconut Ozonated Oil & Sugar Scrub At Home?

Let’s now see how you can make your own DIY coconut ozonated oil and sugar scrub at home.

You will need:

(i) Coconut ozonated oil: ½ cup

(ii) Sugar: 1 cup sugar (granulated, white or brown)

Optional ingredients:

(iii) Lemon essential oil: 10 drops (alternatively use lavender, tea tree, sweet orange or any other essential oil of your choice)

(iv) Lemon juice: 1/2 teaspoon, freshly squeezed


(i) Coconut ozonated oil: ½ cup

(ii) Add in sugar, and mix.

(iii) Now, mix in the essential oil(s) and lemon juice (optional). Mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

(iv) Transfer the mixture to a glass container with a lid.

Note: Keep in mind, as this scrub contains no preservative, it will not stay fresh for too long. So, remember to make it in small batches and use it within a week or two. Store it in your fridge so that it stays fresh.

How To Use Coconut Oil, Sugar Scrub?

You can use Coconut Ozonated Oil & Sugar scrub on your face, hands, legs and feet. Check out here how:


Note:  Reduce the quantity lemon juice to half, as more than that can irritate your face skin.

(i) Take a small amount of the scrub in your hands.

(ii) Apply it all over your face, excluding the delicate area around your eyes.

(iii) Gently massage for about 60 seconds in slow circular motions.

(iv) Rinse with cool water and pat the skin dry.


(i) Take a little bit of the scrub in your hands.

(ii) Rub it between your palms, spreading it all over your hands.

(iii) Massage your hands, fingernails and cuticles for a minute.

(iv) Rinse your hands with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Legs And Feet

(i) Soak your legs and feet in lukewarm water for a few minutes to soften the skin.

(ii) Sit in a comfortable position on a small stool or even on the edge of your bathtub.

(iii) Take a generous amount of scrub in your hands.

(iv) Massage it firmly all over your legs, more on the areas between your toes and the other areas that are dry. Avoid using it on the soles of your feet. If you choose to do so, wash them completely using a mild cleanser/soap before standing up to prevent slipping.

(v) Rinse your legs with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Caution: Exercise caution if you are using it on your legs &/or feet in the bath to prevent any accident.

You will see immediate results after using this excellent scrub, so you can rinse it off within a minute.

If you like, you may add ingredients like vitamin E oil, oatmeal or cinnamon powder to customize it as per your specific skin needs.

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