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21 Feb '17

How to treat eczema? Ozonated oils is perfect for eczema.

Posted by Marin Crengaci

Eczema or dermatitis is one of the most common skin disease that affects thousands of men and women of all ages. It can appear in any part of the body, but most often is found on the arms, legs, knees, elbows, cheeks and forehead. Doctors still are not sure what causes redness, inflammation, irritation, dryness, peeling skin and even bleeding. It is assumed that these are the result of the body overreactions to certain allergies. There are plenty of creams based on steroid compounds that help in treating eczema, but unfortunately, she usually rests and even stronger than before.

How to treat eczema with ozonated oil.

Scientists have made a remarkable breakthrough in the treatment of eczema with the discovery that ozone, a highly active form of oxygen, can help kill the bacteria that aggravate the condition of eczema.
Dr Marie-Hélene Desmonts, from the Centre de Ressources Technologiques in France, carried out the study using vegetable oil infused with ozone. Her controlled conditions confirmed that ozonised vegetable oil destroys almost all trace (99.999 per cent) of staphylococcus aureus after six hours exposure at room temperature.
The study found that ozone alters the biological structure of the bacteria's cellular wall, eventually killing the bacterium. Dr Desmonts says: 'Our study confirmed that ozone can destroy and kill certain bacteria and fungi, including staphylococcus aureus.
'Bacteria are anaerobic organisms, which mean they thrive in an oxygen-free environment. As soon as they come into contact with oxygen, or in this case ozone, which is a form of supercharged oxygen, they die very quickly.'

The best ozonated oils to treat the eczema.

Coconut ozonated oil is very good for people who suffer from eczema as long as you're not allergic to coconut products, of course. Moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin and is quickly absorbed. It has antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive ozonated oil moisturizes the skin and contains antioxidants that helps to neutralize free radicals that cause skin aging.

How to use ozonated oil?
Spray once or twice ozonated oil from the bottle to the site of infection and massage. The procedure is desirable to be carried out after bath.

Note: Each person has some type of skin, so what works for others may not be the ideal treatment for you. Always try ozonated oil on a small area of skin to see how it works.


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